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The Government of Canada has decided to establish, as a tangible expression of its interest in Comparative Law, a Grand Prize to be awarded by the International Academy of Comparative Law.

The prize, called Canada Prize, is intended to recognize an original legal work, written in English or French, in which the common law and the civil law systems are the subject of a critical comparative study in a field of private or public law, although other legal systems may also figure in the study. The work should be of a high scientific quality, suitable for publication in monograph form.

The prize, in the amount of ten thousand canadian dollars ($ 10,000 can.), will be awarded every four years at the International Congress of Comparative Law held under the Aegis of the Academy. The next congress will be held in Vienna (Austria) in July 2014.

Information concerning the regulations for the competition may be obtained from the Secretary of the International Academy of Comparative Law.

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